Host your own

Bingo Game


Make Cards
Make custom cards
in a few clicks


Use printed cards
or virtual cards
on any device


Play Bingo
Draw numbers
with the virtual
bingo caller

Web Application

Make custom bingo cards ready to print.

Play up to 500 cards per game with the online bingo caller.

Distribute printed cards or virtual cards to players.

Display the bingo flashboard on separate screens.

Make custom
bingo cards

Make up to 500 bingo cards per project. Many options and models allow you to create the bingo cards that perfectly fit your needs.

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Create the design
of your cards

Use the spaces available around the cards to insert images or publicities. It is a great opportunity to display upcoming events, promotions or messages that can be useful to your organization.

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Play a game with the
online bingo caller

Organise a bingo game from your computer or tablet without the need of any physical material. Play a game and know the winners in real time with our unique online bingo caller. Display the draws to the players on a bingo flashboard on external screens.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q:How does the virtual bingo caller work?

A:  The virtual bingo caller makes random draws and plays all the cards of a project at the same time as the players during the game. Thus, the organizer automatically knows if a card is winning because it is indicated on its screen in the “Winning cards” section. If a card has not been distributed or if the player did not follow the game correctly, the card will still be winning in the organizer interface but nobody in real life claims the bingo.

Q:Can the app create similar cards?

A:  The application checks if similar cards exist in the same project. With each new card created, the program compares the new one with the others already created and thus makes sure there is no duplication. It is however possible to have similar cards in different projects.

Q:How much does it cost to play a game?

A:  The first time you use the application, you’ll get 2 credits for free in order to try it. You can play a game of 25 cards and use the bingo caller for two hours. For the following parts, if you reuse the same cards, it’ll cost you $ 0.40 to activate the bingo caller for 2 hours. For more information, consult the price list.

Q:Why do a simulation of a game?

A:  The simulation function was developed in order to predict how many winners there will be at the end of a game. We can predict how many numbers will be played and how many prizes will be distributed at the end of the game. As the organizer knows the winning cards well in advance, he must put the emphasis on a random distribution of the cards among the players.