Bingo with Emojis

Play bingo with emojis 😎

play bingo with emojis

You can now create personalized emoji bingo cards with the emoji name displayed below the image. It’s a great educational tool for those who want to play a fun game while learning new languages.

Create bingo cards with emojis in the squares

To create the cards, log in to your account and click “New bingo project”.

Create a new Bingo Project
in the app ⭐

new bingo project

At “Type of bingo” select the option “Emoji”. By default, the option “Emoji name” is set to “Show” so the emoji name will be displayed underneath the emoji image. If you want to use emojis only click “Hide”.

select emoji bingo cards

The virtual bingo cards with emojis will look like this:

emoji bingo card

We will call out the draws for you

The virtual bingo caller has a voice feature that will call the draws for you so you don’t have to call out the emoji aloud so you focus on hosting your game. We have three voice over professionals for you calling out the BINGO columns and emoji name in English, Spanish, French and Hindi. To activate this feature click the voice button in the caller. When you activate the voice option in the bingo caller interface, call out the BINGO column and the emoji name. We will eventually add other languages and voices.

susanmcgurl - English voice overmariaesnoz - Spanish voice overMarie-Eve Desjardins - French voice overpriyanka_sharma

Create your own Bingo Cards with Emojis