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Bingo Maker paves the way for the future of virtual bingo gaming. We provide a web platform to support bingo hosts and event planners who want to play bingo with up to 2000 players (one card each) using printed or virtual cards.

host a virtual bingo game

Create Custom Bingo Cards and import images around the printed cards when making the Design. If playing with virtual bingo cards, players can have one virtual card per browser on their phone, tablet and desktop. They can join on the public games list page at the URL Card.Bingo or on your own private Bingo Page URL.

Display the current and previous draws on any screens with the virtual Flashboard. Make random draws of numbers with the Virtual Bingo Caller and it will validate the winners in real time during the game. You can see all previous updates on our Facebook page:
Bingo Maker Facebook Page

Create bingo cards and host a game
with the app ⭐

Host a virtual bingo game every day

Host a Free Virtual Bingo Game with up to 25 players every day. You can give it a try and learn how our platform works. Once you feel confident, you can scale up the game and increase the number of players. Log in and click in the top menu bar “Free Virtual Game”.

free virtual game

Third Party Integration

Bingo Maker is integrated in the Raydiant App Marketplace and the Webex App Hub. Play in video meetings or Live-streaming with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Facebook Live Stream, YouTube Live Stream, or other services.

Raydiant App Marketplace    Webex App Hub

Free Bingo Caller ⭐

We offer a free version of the virtual bingo caller used by the Bingo Maker web application. You can make the draws of numbers and restart new games. This caller provides the same functions as the full version, but it’s not linked to the virtual cards of the game.

free bingo caller

This caller will not validate the winners automatically, you will need to validate the bingo the old fashioned way and check the squares on the player’s card.

Free Virtual Card ⭐

If you want to simply play a card on your device right away, then our free virtual card is perfect for you. Click the squares and get a BINGO!

free virtual bingo card

Choose from 81 winning patterns

We have a choice of 81 different winning patterns for players to get a bingo. When you restart a new game, the players cards will be reset, and they keep playing with the same cards. If you would like to have a specific pattern added to the list you can send us a request.

bingo patterns

Host the game with the virtual bingo caller

The virtual bingo caller allows you to draw random numbers as in professional bingo halls. The caller is linked to the cards, so it tells you in real time the winners of the game with printed cards and virtual cards. Once the game has started, its name will be displayed on the Games List page.

virtual bingo caller

Play bingo with virtual cards

virtual bingo cards

In order to save ink and paper, players can join your game and play a virtual card on any device that can access the Internet and that has a web browser. Players can join your virtual game on their devices at, and click “Join a game“. They search your game name, click “Join”, enter your password and a player name.

play with virtual bingo cards

The patterns for this game will be indicated on the virtual cards. There is no login process for players to get their cards. Here is an example that shows how to join a virtual bingo game and play a bingo card with emojis. The process remain the same when you create a Bingo Page URL.

Display the virtual Flashboard


You can display the draws of the game on an external screen with your board URL or QR code. You can display an image at the bottom of the board and another image as a background when there is no active game.

Create a Bingo Page with images, sharable links and QR code

You can invite your players to join your virtual bingo game on your bingo page. Choose your own URL and share the link or QR code with your players. Design your page with images, external links and text.

bingo page url link

You can display images to players on the virtual cards. Modify your page as needed in order to fit your current and future games. Here is an example of a bingo page:

Make custom bingo cards ready to print

make bingo cards

First you have to Create a New bingo project and select all the options about your bingo cards. Your bingo project allows you to access your cards, make the design, host your game, make the simulation of a game and create a list of codes for the cards. You can print or save your cards as a PDF file by clicking “Cards”. You can learn more about the cost.

new project example

Make the design and import images

bingo maker web application

You can create the design of your cards and display publicity around the cards in order to promote your business or upcoming events. For example, if you make bingo cards for a Christmas party, it could be a good idea to insert winter season related images around the cards.

bingo card designs

Several settings can be changed when making the cards to allow maximum freedom for users to make custom cards and host a personalized bingo game.

Display your brand on the cards

hide website logo qr

You can display your own website name on the printed bingo cards instead of our website, logo and QR code. This options is available when you create a new bingo project in the printed card options.

hide website logo qr cards

😀 Play Bingo with emojis 🦁 🍭 🎂

You can host a bingo game with emojis in the squares with the emoji names. You can learn new words in different languages. It is a fun way for teachers to play and learn new words in English, French and Spanish.

emoji bingo

Invite players with a public password:

Players can join your virtual game with a public password or with a unique access code. When you activate the bingo caller, you can play as many games as you want for 3 hours, up to 8 days. You can modify the winning patterns every time you restart a new game. You can save bingo cards as a PDF file and go print them in a print shop.

Distribute unique access codes:

Players will be able to join your virtual game without an account or fees with your own game password or unique access code on the Games List page or at the URL ” Card.Bingo “.

We will call out the draws for you

The virtual bingo caller has a voice over feature so you don’t have to call out the draws aloud and focus on hosting your game. We have three voice over professionals for you.

susanmcgurl - English voice overmariaesnoz - Spanish voice overMarie-Eve Desjardins - French voice overpriyanka_sharma

They will call the columns, the numbers or the emojis during the BINGO in English, Spanish, French and Hindi. We will eventually add other languages and voices. Enjoy!

Display the bingo board to players

With our virtual bingo caller, you can open in another window of our web browser the bingo flashboard of your game.

bingo flashboard

You can then display the flashboard to players on a TV or projector screen and follow the draws in real time.

external board

An intuitive user interface

bingo maker user interface

Cards generated with our web service will appear as a “Bingo Project” on your main account page. This system allows you to manage your project separately and create unique cards with numbers, words and emojis. When you are ready to host your game click “Play”.

Create an account with Facebook or an email address

To use the application, all users must create a unique account in which the cards will be saved. We have put at your disposal two connection methods to facilitate the subscription process. If you create an account using Facebook, Bingo Maker will only get public information to create your account. If you do not have Facebook or you do not want to connect with it, create an account using an “Email / Password”. A confirmation email will be sent to verify your account (it could be in your spam folder).

create an account

You can modify your account in the section “Edit my profile”. When you create your user account with Bingo Maker, you will receive 2 free credits in order to try all the features. This will allow you to create 25 custom bingo cards, design your printed cards and play a game with the virtual caller. If you want to use virtual cards, you can activate the caller anytime by clicking “Play”. Players will join your game on the Games List page.

List of web services:

We provide simple web solutions such as the Free Virtual Caller and the Free Virtual Card. Our web application is a pay-per-use service. Each function costs credits depending on how many cards you have in your bingo game. You can learn more about the costs on the payment info page.


You host your game with your players, we provide the platform

The person hosting the bingo activity sets the rules of the game and manages everything from start to finish. When you invite players to join your game, you make the draws with the bingo caller and reward the winners as you want. Bingo Maker is not involved in any process and is not responsible for the outcome of the game. We don’t collect money from players or give out any prizes to winners. We only provide the web platform and the technical support for our users to host their games properly. If you are a player, make sure you know and trust the person running the game. Please contact directly the person who hosts the game in order to find out more details about the password and the rules.

Thank you for using Bingo Maker

The satisfaction of our customers is at the center of our concerns. You can now make your own bingo cards and discover all the possibilities the web application offers. We hope you enjoy your experience using our web services.


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