Raydiant Subscriptions

Display the bingo Flashboard on your Raydiant screens

Bingo Maker and Raydiant are bringing Bingo on your TV Screens. You can now display the draws during the game to your players like in professional bingo halls. You can now subscribe in the Raydiant Marketplace.

bingo maker raydiant marketplace

Here are some examples Bingo Flashboard for bingo with numbers and emojis:

flashboard numbers multizone flashboard emojis multizone

Blue projects

You can chose from two subscription models: BINGO 100 (100 cards per game), or BINGO 250 (250 cards per game). This will allow you to host Unlimited Amount of bingo games. When your account is created, you will see two blue projects with the Raydiant logo at the top of your project list. If you want to play bingo with numbers use the blue project “Bingo numbers 1234”. For bingo with emojis use the blue project “Bingo emojis 1234”.

raydiant user

You can now display the Bingo Flashboard to your players with the current draws in real time. The board can be used with the apps “Multizone” and “Multizone board”. Make the draws during game with the Bingo Caller and entertain your audience. When a card has a Bingo, it will appear automatically in the Winners List. Use this opportunity to promote your products or services and rewarding the winners.

Where can I find my Alias?

When you subscribe to the Bingo Maker Raydiant app, you will receive your Alias with the Welcome email. Copy and paste the alias in the Raydiant app and you are ready to host your virtual bingo game. This tutorial explains how to link a Bingo Maker flashboard with the Raydiant screens.

Log in to your Bingo Maker user account.

log in

Go in your account menu and click “Flashboard”.


Your alias will be display at the top of the page.

flashboard alias

Log in to your Raydiant library and click the plus (+) icon.

raydiant library

Search in the library for Bingo Maker and click on it.

raydiant bingo maker app

Enter the alias of the flashboard and click “Save”.

raydiant save alias

You can modify the URL Link for your own name in the account menu at “Custom Bingo Page“. Your bingo page URL is the same for the alias of the Flashboard. If you modify your URL, you’ll need to change your alias for your new version in the Raydiant app library.