Virtual Bingo Card

Click the squares and get a bingo

free clickable virtual bingo card

The Free Virtual Bingo Card allows to play a bingo card on any device and click the squares on the card. The virtual card is not linked to any bingo caller. Follow us on our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

free virtual bingo card

If you want to automatically validate the winning cards during the game you can use the Virtual Bingo Caller. Select how many random numbers there will be in this bingo game, from 25 to 150 numbers (usually it is 75 or 90 numbers). If you remove the free center, click “no”, it will be harder to get a bingo. If you print the card, you can insert a title at the top of the card. The winning patterns will appear green on the card for the lines of five consecutive squares (verticals, horizontals and diagonals).

Make from 25 to 2000 Custom Bingo Cards

Host your bingo game with the Virtual Bingo caller

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