Bingo Page URL

Invite your players on your private Bingo Page

Keep your players and bring them to your own Bingo Page when you activate a virtual game. Choose your own bingo page URL name or alias. Share with your players the URL link or QR code so that they can access your private page.

private bingo page url qr code

Display images with links to your social media or website and provide information about your game. Edit your page as needed to fit your current and future games. Here is an example bingo page:

bingo page url qr

Display images on the virtual cards

You can insert an image as the free center of the card. Your image will replace the Free star. You can also display an image in the top right information menu (i) with a sharable link to your website or social media.

virtual bingo card design

Share your bingo page on Facebook

For some reasons Facebook doesn’t allow to share the URL with our subdomain “”. In order to share your page URL, we have created the Bingo Page Index where we redirect your players on your private page. Send us a Support Request so we can add your page.

– Instructions –

Create your Bingo Page URL

To create your bingo page, go in your account menu under “Custom Bingo Page“.

– Log In –
Create / Modify your Bingo Page
in the app ⭐

new bingo page URL

Enter your personalized URL which will appear in the link to share. Import your images and logo for your page and on cards with an external link to your website or social media. Enter a description to inform players about the context of your game. When you’re done, click “Create the page“.

new bingo page settings

Share the link URL and QR code

To display the URL link and QR code for your page, go to your account menu and click on “Custom Bingo Page“. The link and QR will be available at the top of this page.

share page url qr

Display your game on your private page

When you create a bingo page, the caller will be configured by default to display games on your private page. When you activate a bingo caller, in the game settings, under the option “Make the game private?“, the option will be set to “Yes“. To display the games on the Public Games Page select “No“.

game settings private page
bingo maker logos 2

Create or modify the Virtual Flashboard

Host your game with the Virtual Bingo Caller

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