Bingo Page URL

Invite your players to join your bingo game on your private Bingo Page

Keep your players only for you and bring them to your own page. Share with your players the URL link or QR code. Display images and advertisement with external links to your social media or website. Modify your page as needed in order to fit your current and future games. When you activate the bingo caller, in the game settings at “Make the game private” select “Yes”. Here is an example of a bingo page:

share the bingo page url and qr code

To create your bingo page, go in your account menu under “Custom Bingo Page”. Once it’s done, use again the same feature to get your URL and QR code. When you are ready to host your game, players can join your game on your bingo page and play with virtual cards.

bingo page

You can’t change the URL when there is an active game. Close the current game first then modify.

Display images on the virtual cards

You can insert an image as the free center of the card. Your image will replace the Free star. You can also display an image in the top right information menu (i) with a sharable link to your website or social media.

virtual bingo card design

Here are the options that were selected in this example:

create a bingo page

Create your Bingo Page now!