Play Bingo with Music

A fun way to play bingo with music 🎵💃🕺🎶

Play using bingo cards with music titles in the squares and display the music videos during the game. Players mark the titles on their bingo cards as the DJ mix the music. When a player gets all the music titles for the winning pattern, the winner gets a bingo.

play music bingo

The game rules are the same as for a standard bingo game, but with using music titles in the bingo cards squares. If you have your own music library with playlists, you can create your own bingo cards by importing your music titles.

Give it a try with our YouTube playlists

To help you easily host your first musical bingo games, we give you as examples five games of 50 music bingo cards, the call sheets to help you host the game and the corresponding YouTube playlists.

music bingo playlists

Special guest: The Music Bingo People

Bingo Maker presents: The Music Bingo People
Mark off the artist and song on your card, and if you get a bingo, you win a prize! This event gets everyone going as they get nostalgic about the songs they knew, and go home with some new and interesting trivia.

the music bingo people

Create your own music bingo cards

create custom bingo cards

Play using virtual bingo card

When playing using the bingo caller with virtual bingo cards, click on a BINGO column header to view the text at full-width. You can go back to the normal view by unclicking the column header.

virtual music bingo card column full-width

Printed Cards: Validate the cards manually

When using printed cards, you can confirm the winners in the winners list by clicking “Validate”. When the bingo is confirmed or validated, it will be crossed out in the list. If you have a few prizes and many winners, you can make a raffle among all the winners at the end of the game.

validate winners

Virtual Cards: Validate the cards automatically

When using virtual bingo cards, the bingo caller will track the winners automatically as players click the squares. When a player gets a bingo, the winners info will appear in the Winners List.

winners list

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