Play Bingo with Music

A fun way to play bingo with music videos 💃🕺🎶

Play using bingo cards with music titles in the squares. Display the music videos to the players during the game while they mark the titles on their cards. The game rules are the same as for a standard bingo game, so most of the people already know how to play. When a player gets the winning combination, he/she gets a bingo.

music bingo

If you have your own music library, you can make your own bingo cards using your titles with the web application Bingo Maker.

Give it a try with our YouTube playlists

You can play the game with music, or display the music videos to players. Bingo with music videos brings a great game experience, as the players sing along, dance, and have a good time. In order for you to try and host a game easily, we provide 50 bingo cards containing all the music titles in the squares, the music video playlist from our YouTube channel, and the call sheet to help you host the game.

music bingo youtube playlists

Special guest: The Music Bingo People

Think you know you’re music? Do you like winning tons of prizes? I provide trivia and samples from the greatest songs of the last 60 years, you mark off the artist and song on your card, and if you get a bingo, you win a prize! I promise you, this event gets everyone going as they get nostalgic about the songs they knew, and go home with some new and interesting trivia. Ask anyone who’s been, and they’ll tell you you can’t miss an opportunity go at least once!

the music bingo people

Make the draws of random videos

The game is played just like the standard game of bingo, but instead of having numbers in the card squares, there are song titles. You can make the draws using our Free Bingo Caller. The host plays the corresponding music videos in the playlist.

play bingo with youtube

The player gets a winning line when he gets a specific pattern with the squares. Each bingo organizer can decide his own rules as long as they are clearly mentioned at the beginning of the game.

Host the game with YouTube videos

Each player receives a random bingo card. Players check their cards and verify if the titles played are on their cards during the game. The host can call out the columns and the music titles played, and display the current draw on the screen.

what is bingo with music videos

When a player gets a title played in a square, he marks it down with a marker pen, a bingo stamp or other means. When a player gets a winning pattern, he gets a bingo. The player has attract the attention of the host to validate his card.

Validate the winners

The host can validate the winning bingo cards during or at the end of the game. When the bingo line is confirmed, the winner can get a prize. The host can also make a draw among the winners using the numbered card’s corners.

validate the winners

When a player gets a winning pattern during the game, the host rips a corner from his card containing his card number. If a player has many winning lines on his card, he gets more chances to win a prize during the final draw.

Distribute the prizes

The host can give extra time at the end of the game to make sure all the players have their cards validated. When the host has gathered enough card corners, he can make a draw among all the card corners, and distribute the prizes accordingly.

distribute the prizes to winners

You now have the basic knowledge about the game, it’s up to you to give it a try. If you think about a new way to host a bingo game, you can make your own bingo cards and go for it. To learn more about the game and take a look at some of the live event pictures, visit our Facebook page.

Bingo Caller: Automatic validation of winners

You can keep track of the game with the virtual bingo caller. The bingo winners will appear automatically in the Winners List.

music bingo caller

Virtual Cards: Display one column at a time

When playing with virtual bingo cards with music titles in the squares, it can be hard to read the text in the little squares. In order to increase the size of the text, on the virtual card, click the column headers. This will highlight the letter in blue and display the full-width text of all the squares for this column. You can go back to the normal view by unclicking on the blue column header.

virtual music bingo card column text size

How to create bingo cards with song titles in the squares?

Here is how to create bingo cards using a list of words or phrases in the squares, for this case it will be song titles / music video titles. First, Log in to your Bingo Maker account. On the main page click on “New Bingo Project” (top right corner).

Create bingo cards with music titles
in the app ⭐

At “Number of cards” select the number of cards you need. A virtual player can have one bingo card per device. At “Kind of Bingo” select “Words / Phrases”. At “Number of random values” select how many words you have in your list. Select other options as needed. Once you’re done click at the bottom “Next step”. Copy / Paste your text lines from a Word or Excel file in the first entry top left of the table. Make corrections as needed and click “Create the cards”. You can learn more about inserting words/phrases (it used to be Custom Text Lines) in the cards by watching this video:

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