Design the bingo cards

Create the design of your printed cards

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The design is for printed cards only. If you want to display images on the virtual cards you need to create your Bingo Page URL. This tutorial explains how to insert images into the empty spaces around the bingo cards. You can use this space as you wish to insert advertising and photos. The first design of a project is free. You can create up to 5 designs per project and each design can have different settings. The cards of a project remain the same, only the design is changed.

The models are adapted for U.S. Letter 8.5″ x 11″ (215.9 mm x 279.4 mm) paper size. Depending on the card model you have selected during the creation of your bingo project, the design spaces vary from one model to another.

print layouts

Create a new design

At this stage, you should already have created a bingo project, and you can see it on the main page in your Project List. To create a new design, click the icon “Design” in the row of your project. The first design of a project is free.

Create the design of your cards
with the app ⭐

new design

Design Options:

Choose the options of your design.

Space optimization

To optimize the design space on the cards, check “Yes“. This function provides additional space at the top of the card to insert another image and remove the Bingo Maker logo, the title and the QR code. The cost for this function is 2 credits.

Card number in corner

To view the card numbers in the corners, select “Yes“. This function allows you to manage the winning cards and play using the method of “four corners” to make a final draw among the winners at the end of your bingo.

The options “Show the date“, “Event date” and “Card title” allow you to modify the date and the title for every card design you create.

Creation of the design

To import an image, click the design space and select the file. It is recommended that you import images of the same size or larger than the dimension, in pixel, shown in the import areas.

Move the rectangle frame to the desired location using click, hold and drag. The portion of the image that will be kept is visible in the frame, the rest will be rejected. Adjust the size of your image with the corners of the frame. When you are done adjusting your image, click “Confirm” to import the image in the design space.

Repeat the process with each of the design spaces. If you are not satisfied, you can still modify the design spaces as needed by replacing the image with another one or removing the current image.

When you are done inserting your images in the card design spaces, click “Save the design“. Note that you will not be able to modify the design once it’s saved.

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A window will appear if a design space doesn’t have an image or if you didn’t save an image after you have imported it. Confirm by clicking “Cancel or “Ok” to finish your design.

blank space

To view your designed bingo cards, go in the row of your project and click the “Design” icon.

view design

You can make up to 5 different designs per project. To make another design, click “⊕” to the right of the design icon.

new design

To view the other design versions of a project, click the file icon. The latest design will be shown at the top of the column or if you click the design icon.

design versions

Price (credits)

The first design of a project is free. The following designs cost 1 credit per 25 cards depending on how many cards are in the project. The design optimization costs a fixed price of 2 credits regardless of the number of cards in the project.

Next step, print or save your cards as a PDF file.