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Bingo Maker allows you to host a bingo game with up to 2000 bingo cards per game. The winning cards will appear automatically in the Winners List.

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– We added all the winning patterns in the simulation feature. The winners will appear automatically in the winners list: Learn more

– New monthly subscriptions for Raydiant users: Learn more

How to host a bingo game?

  • 1. Log into your user account, create a New Bingo Project and create the cards. If you play with virtual cards, you can host your game immediately (step 3).
  • 2. If you want to play with using printed cards, you can Create the Design of the cards and add images and advertisement around the cards.
  • 3. By default players will join your virtual game on the public Games List page. You can create your own private Bingo Page and share the link URL or the QR code with players.
  • 4. If you want to display the draws to players during the game on any screens, you can enable the Virtual Flashboard.
  • 5. When you are ready to host your bingo game, go in the row of your bingo project and click “Play”. Set a password for players to join your game, select the other options and activate the Virtual Bingo Caller.
  • 6. Wait for all players to join the game. Make the draws of numbers and watch for the winning cards to appear in the Winners List. Restart new games until you have no prizes left to give to winners.

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