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Print your cards or create a PDF file

print bingo cards

This tutorial explains how to print or save your bingo cards in PDF format. Note that our web services are optimized for the Google Chrome browser. This application is optimized for U.S. Letter 8.5″ x 11″ (215.9 mm x 279.4 mm) paper size. Therefore, make sure the settings are set properly before printing or saving your cards as a PDF file. Most importantly, print one or two pages and verify that everything looks good before printing the all stack of cards.

Firstly, go in the row of your project and click the icon “Cards” or “Design“.

print cards or design

The cards are splitted in packs of 250 cards. Select cards 1 to 250 and click the top right corner on the Print icon. Do the same for the other packs. If you want to combine the files into one, you can merge the PDF files with online services such as Adobe.

250 bingo cards pdf

Chrome web browser settings

If you have the page layout “4 cards per page”, select in the printing options “Portrait”. The other page layout will be “Landscape”.

page layout

The application can not change the settings of your printer, you must choose the options by yourself. Other web browsers than Chrome may have some paper size and margin issues. The most common changes are “Layout” (landscape) and “Options: Headers and footers” (unchecked). The image below shows the settings that should be selected.


Original ideas:

Colored paper

In addition, to make your game more attractive, print bingo cards on multi-colored paper. If you intend to play several games in a row, print the cards of each game on different colored paper. At the beginning of each game, the participants specify the color of the card that will be used during the game.

en_idee originale

Thermosensible paper

Moreover, to make a unique bingo game you can print your cards with using heat sensitive paper. It changes color with the heat of your fingers. Both children and adults will be equally fascinated by this phenomenon. It will change color in the place where you leave your fingers on the paper. It will automatically return to its original color after a few seconds. For more information, go to Heat-Sensitive Paper.

You are now ready to play a game with the bingo caller.