Bingo Flashboard

Display the bingo flashboard on many screens

Display the draws to players during the bingo with the Virtual Bingo Flashboard. When you active a bingo caller of a bingo project, the flashboard for this game can be access the same way we do with the virtual bingo cards. You can also share the URL link or the QR code and display the board on any screens.

virtual bingo flashboard

*If you have a Bingo Page, your Alias for your board will be the same as for your page.

In order to access the board from the public games list page or your private bingo page url, go in the row of the game and click on “Board“. Enter the password or access code for the game and the board will appear.

display the bingo flashboard

Here is an example of a bingo flashboard, if there is no active game you’ll only see a background image:

– Instructions –

Create the Flashboard

You can access the flashboard in the menu of your account under “Flashboard“.

– Log In –
Create / Modify your Flashboard
in the app ⭐

flashboard menu

The board updates itself automatically when you modify the settings. You can display an image or advertisement at the bottom of the board.

flashboard settings

You can also display an image or advertisement when there is no active game as a background image. When you are ready to create your board click “Create“.

flashboard image background

When you create your flashboard, you will receive a URL link and a QR code so you can display the draws to players. Go in the menu of your account and click “Flashboard“. You can update the options and images as needed.

flashboard QR url link

Create or modify your Bingo Page URL

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