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Entertain with Bingo during your Webex meeting

Bingo Flashboard in Webex

Bingo Maker is now available in the Webex App Hub. You can read more on their Webex Blog. Webex by Cisco is a video conferencing and collaboration product suite. In order to display your Flashboard you need a Webex account (free or paid, see pricing).You can host a virtual bingo game with the Bingo Maker web app, and display the draws with the Flashboard to players during your Webex meeting with your account Alias. Learn more about the Bingo Maker in Webex App Hub:

Webex App Hub

The host is using Bingo Maker web app in order to draw the numbers during the game with the virtual bingo caller. When you activate the app in your Webex meeting, the bingo Flashboard for your game will be visible for all participants. Players can join your virtual game and get a virtual card in a web browser window, on their smartphone or tablet.

Display the Flashboard in your Webex meeting

bingo maker Webex integration app

When doing your meeting with Webex, in the bottom right corner click on “Apps“. Then, select “Discover” and search for “Bingo Maker” in the list. Select the app and click “Open“. At the option “Alias of the Flashboard“, enter your Bingo Maker Flashboard Alias. Select a language, chose the theme for the board (light or dark) and click “Go to Flashboard!“. To display the board to all participants, go at the bottom of the app window and click “Open for all“.

Webex open for all

How do I find my Flashboard Alias?

Log in to Bingo Maker or create an account. In the menu of your account (top right corner), click “Flashboard“. Select the information you want to display on the board and click “Create“. Once the flashboard is created, you can find the Alias at the top of this page.

– Log In –
Get the Alias for your Flashboard
in the app ⭐

flashboard alias

Get ready for the game

At this point you should have created a Bingo Project. You can also host a game with the daily Free Virtual Game. When you are ready to host your game with the bingo caller, go in the row of your project and click “Play“. Enter a game name and a password, select the patterns for this game and click “Activate the caller“.

Make the draws the bingo caller and validate winners

Webex bingo

Once the bingo caller is activated, the background image will be replaced by the Flashboard in the Webex meeting. Wait for all players to join your game and start making new draws. Stop when there is a winner in the winners list. Restart many games and reset the Flashboard and the virtual cards. Stop the game when you have no prizes left to give to winners.

Create or modify the Virtual Flashboard

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