Free Virtual Bingo Game

Host a bingo game every day

This tutorial explains how to host a free virtual bingo game with our web application Bingo Maker. This function can be used every day after the 23 hour countdown. The free virtual game can last for up to 30 minutes, and allow you to play one game. You’ll be able to play another free game once the countdown is done.

First, log in to your Bingo Maker account using Facebook or your email/password. On the main page, click “Free Virtual Game“.

free virtual bingo game

The name of your game will be automatically defined, such as “Free xxxx“. Enter a password for the game in order to keep it private and only allow your players to join your game. Select the winning combinations to get a bingo (they are all selected by default). Once you are ready to start the game, click “Play“.

start free virtual bingo game

Once the game has started, its name will be displayed on the Games List page.

virtual game in the game list

If you are using a computer connected to an external screen, you can display the bingo flashboard to players by clicking on “Open the board in external window” and move the window to the other screen.

external flashboard

To obtain their unique virtual bingo cards for your game, players go to and click “Join a Virtual Game“. They find your game name in the list, click “Join“, and enter the password.

join virtual bingo game

Wait for all the players to join your game. Once you are ready, start by clicking on “Make a draw“. You can also use the automatic draw. Make draws until a player gets a winning line (a bingo), and give a prize to the winner. The winning cards will appear automatically in the virtual bingo caller in the “Winners List“. Continue the game until you have no prizes left to give to winners.

virtual bingo gameplay

If you have a few prizes to distribute, you can make a final draw among the players who got winning lines by clicking on “End the game and do the draw“. Select the number of winners you would like to draw and click “Do the draw“. Give the prizes to the players with the corresponding card numbers.