Virtual Bingo Services

Host a bingo game for up to 500 players

With Bingo Maker, you can host a virtual bingo game for up to 500 players using virtual and printed cards. Players can get their virtual cards on any device at and click “Join a game”. Make manual or automatic random draws of numbers with our bingo caller and validate the winners in seconds. You can also make the draws using your own physical bingo cage with numbered balls, and click the numbers with the feature “Manual selection of the draws”.

New Winning Patterns

usa flag pattern

We provide 50 different winning patterns for players to get a bingo. The bingo caller will be activated for 3 hours, and you can host as many games as you want by clicking “Restart the game”. You can change those patterns every time you restart a new game. When you restart, the players cards will be reset, and they keep playing with the same cards.

bingo patterns

List of web services:

Our bingo caller is linked to the cards, so it tells you in real time the winners of the game. Display the flashboard on an external screen for players when hosting a game in a social context. We also provide free web services for those looking for simple solutions.

Host a bingo game now!

Free Daily Virtual Game

You can also play a Free Virtual Game every day with up to 25 players by clicking in the top bar of the page on “Free Virtual Game”.

free virtual game

Free Bingo Caller

Here is the free bingo caller version of the Bingo Maker web application. This version is not linked to the bingo cards of the game, and you have to manually validate the winners.

free bingo caller

Free Virtual Card

If you want to simply play a card on your device right away, then our free virtual card is perfect for you. Click the squares and get a BINGO!

free virtual bingo card

Play bingo with virtual cards

In order to save ink and paper, players can join your game and play a virtual card on any device that can access the internet and that has a web browser.

virtual bingo cards

Host the game with the online bingo caller

Our virtual bingo caller allows you to draw random numbers as in professional bingo halls. You can host a game from any device and validate in real time the winners who play with printed cards and virtual cards. Distribute the cards among players and play a game with the online bingo caller. If you would like to play only with virtual bingo cards, click “Set all to virtual“, and enter a password for the players to join your virtual game. Once you are done click “Play“.

virtual bingo caller

Once the game has started, its name will be displayed on the Games List page.

virtual game in the game list

Display the bingo flashboard to players on another screen

With our virtual bingo caller, you can open in another window of our web browser the bingo flashboard of your game. You can then display the flashboard to players on a TV or projector screen and follow the draws in real time.

bingo flashboard

Make custom cards ready to print

Make bingo cards and play a game has never been easier. With the web app Bingo Maker, anyone can organize a bingo game like a pro. You will be able to make bingo cards with the parameters of your choice, design the cards by importing images and play a game with the virtual bingo caller. Print the desired number of cards or distribute virtual cards to the players and start the game.

virtual bingo caller and virtual bingo cards

You can insert publicity around the cards in order to promote your business or the coming events. For example, if you make bingo cards for a Christmas party, it could be a good idea to insert winter season related images around the cards.

bingo cards with images

Several settings can be changed when making the cards to allow maximum freedom for users to make custom cards and host a personalized bingo game.

An intuitive interface

The cards generated by the application are listed by game in the table of the app’s main page. This system allows you to manage your games and create other versions of earlier games.

games list

The top right menu allows you to add credits, view your transaction history, edit your profile and communicate with the support team. To edit a game, use the tool icon to the right of the game name. The last added or modified game will be displayed at the top of the list. The latest design or simulation of a game will be displayed at the top of the game files. You can clean your games list by archiving older ones. The information about a game can be quickly viewed when going on the (i) icon to the right of the game name.

Create an account with Facebook or an email address

To use the application, all users must create a unique account in which the cards will be saved. We have put at your disposal two connection methods to facilitate the subscription process. If you create an account using Facebook, Bingo Maker will only get public information to create your account. If you do not have Facebook or you do not want to connect with it, create an account using an “Email / Password“. A confirmation email will be sent to verify your account (it could be in your spam folder). You can modify your account in the section “Edit my profiel“.

create an account

Thank you for using our web services

The satisfaction of our customers is at the center of our concerns. You can now make your own bingo cards and discover all the possibilities the web application offers. We hope you enjoy your experience using our web application Bingo Maker.