How to play bingo

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This page explains how to play bingo with the web application Bingo Maker. The online bingo caller allows to make a random drawing without needing a bingo cage with numbered balls. The only thing you need to do is to print your custom bingo cards and distribute them to the players. To learn more about using the bingo caller, visit the page “Play a bingo game“. The aspects covered are: basic rules, validation of winning cards and variations of the game. Whoever organizes the game will be designated as the organizer of the game. The game rules are adapted to the popular form of bingo played in North America. By default, the web app settings are set to make standard bingo cards


The cards consist of 25 squares containing the numbers from 1 to 75 with a free center. The player must play 5 consecutive squares on this card to get a bingo. The game and regulations can change and be adapted to any situation. For more information about bingo, go to this Wikipedia article.

The basic rules

The organizer distributes bingo cards among the participants. It uses a bingo cage, an iTunes or Android application, or a list of numbers to make the random draw during the game.

When the organizer draws a number, he tells the players the number out loud so they can mark it down on their bingo cards. To help the players, the organizer can say under which column “B I N G O” the number can be found (e.g., B-4, I-16 …). The players check on their bingo cards to see if the numbers called are in the squares of the card. If the number is on the card, the player identifies the squares. The players continue to mark the numbers until someone gets a bingo (5 consecutive squares). The center of the card can be either free or have a square containing a value like the others.

en_faire un bingo

When a player gets a bingo, he raises his hand and says, “Bingo!“. The organizer verifies the card to confirm the bingo. If the bingo is valid, the organizer gives a prize to the winner. If the player has made a mistake and his bingo is invalid, the game continues until another player gets a valid bingo. The game ends when the organizer has no prizes left.

Validation of winning cards

The organizer takes the player’s card and compares the numbers marked with the call sheet. If all numbers are present, the bingo is confirmed valid and the player is entitled to a prize. The organizer returns the card to the winner so the player can continue to play the game.

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If the player has made a mistake and his card is invalid, the organizer identifies the incorrect square and gives it back to the player. The game is continued until the next bingo.

Play with the “4 corners” method

To extend the game, the organizer can play with the “4 corners” method. During the generation of cards or design, select “Yes” in the option “Card number in corners“. The card identification numbers will be marked in the four corners of the cards.

This method allows a draw at the end of the game among all players who got bingo lines. This is convenient when there are limited prizes to give to the winners.

en_quatre coins

Several bingos on the same card can give more chances of getting a prize. The game continues until the organizer collects enough card corners to make the final draw.

en_tirage final


Printed bingo cards:

Generate and print the required number of bingo cards. Players can have multiple cards during the same game.

Bingo Caller:

The organizer of the game draws random numbers and follows the progress of the game. He can use a rotary tumbler (bingo cage) containing balls numbered from 1 to 75, a Bingo Caller application on a phone or tablet or print a call sheet. He marks down the drawn numbers on the sheet during the game to help validate the winning cards.

Bingo pad, pens or coins:

Used as a way for participants to identify the squares played on their card game.


Participants are motivated by the chance to win a prize. It is up to the organizer to decide how prizes will be awarded to winners. There are several ways to distribute the prizes. The organizer can award a prize to the players who get a bingo or make a draw at the end of the game among all players who have gotten winning lines.

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