Credit System

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credit system

This web application works by the principle of pay-per-use (you pay, you use). In order to use the app, you need to buy credits. You will receive 2 free credits when you connect to the application for the first time. This will permit you to try the different application functions (free trial).

How credits are used

The credits are sold in packages or you can buy the exact amount of credits when using the application. Costs are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Select the credit pack corresponding to the quantity you need. You can only buy one credit pack per transaction. The more credits you buy, the better the ratio quantity/price. The credits have no expiration date. Don’t buy more credits than needed if you don’t plan to use them all. We will not refund the balance of your credits in your account.

  • 4 credits = $1.60 ($0.40 / credit)
  • 8 credits = $2.96 ($0.37 / credit)
  • 16 credits = $5.44 ($0.34 / credit)
  • 32 credits = $9.92 ($0.31 / credit)
  • 64 credits = $17.92 ($0.28 / credit)
  • 128 credits = $32.00 ($0.25 / credit)

Make Bingo Cards

  • 2 credits per 25 cards (500 cards max per project)
  • Modify the list of values: 2 credits per 25 cards depending on how many cards are in the project
price list

Create the design of the cards

  • First design: Free
  • Other designs: 1 credit per 25 cards depending on how many cards are in the project.
  • 5 designs maximum per projet.
  • Optimized design: 2 credits (fixed price)

Play a game with the bingo caller

  • First game: Free
  • Other games: 1 credit per 25 cards depending on how many cards are in the project.
  • Only one bingo caller can be active at a time.
  • The bingo caller will be activated for 2 hours.

Do a Simulation of a bingo game

  • First simulation: Free
  • Other simulations: 1 credit per 25 cards depending on how many cards are in the project.
  • 5 simulations max per projet.

Promotional codes

We release promo codes from time to time on our Facebook page or elsewhere. If you want to activate a promo code, go in your account menu to “Add credits“. In the “Promo code” section, write down the code, click on “Validate” and then on “Apply the code“.


Add credits

You can see how many credits you have at the top right corner of your account. To add more credits, go to “Credits” or to your account menu to “Add credits“.


Each function requires a certain quantity of credits depending on how many cards are in your bingo project. If you don’t have enough credits in your account to use the application, a “pop up window” will ask you if you would like to purchase more credits.

credit system not enough credits


To proceed with the payment, verify the payment summary, read and check the box “I have read and agree to the terms and privacy” and pay with PayPal. The payments are made out to “Bingo Maker“.


Transaction history

The transaction history shows in detail how you are utilizing the application and how many credits you have used for each action. The most recent transaction is at the top of the list. To check your history, go under your account menu to “Transaction history“.

transaction history

Here is an example:

I created a project called “Demo project” of 25 bingo cards with numbers from 1 to 75 (2 credits). I did the first design of my cards with the option “Space optimization” (2 credits: the first design is free but the space optimization costs 2 credits). I did the first simulation of my cards (0 credits). I did a second design of my cards again with the option “Space optimization” (3 credits: 1 credit for the simulation of a project with 25 cards + 2 credits for space optimization)

en_historique transaction

Purchase and refund conditions

  • Only the last credit pack purchased can be refunded.
  • All credits (from the credit pack to be refunded) should be available in the account for refund.
  • Only purchases of more than $5.00 can be refunded (pack of 16 credits or more).
  • The remaining credits in an account (credit balance) cannot be refunded.
  • The credits used by the application cannot be refunded.
  • Transaction fees plus an administration fee of $1.00 are deducted from the amount refunded.
  • No refund will be made 30 days after the date of purchase.

Promotional code conditions

  • A code can be used once per user.
  • The number of credits may vary (no fixed value).
  • No cash value.