Simulate a bingo game

Simulate a bingo game and define the outcomes

This tutorial explains how to use the bingo simulator. It was created in order to know what cards will win in a game according to a list of predefined values (numbers or text lines). It can play all the cards at once and get the results after each draw. To simulate a bingo in advance is useful because it lets you know the right time to stop the game in order to get a desired number of winners. After the simulation, you will get the lists necessary to reproduce the same game using the printed cards. For more information about parameters that can influence a bingo game, go to the bingo calculator page.

Start the game simulation

First, go in the row of your game and click on the “Simulation” icon. The first simulation of a game is free.

make a simulation

Choose from the statistical table the way players will get winning lines during the game. The boxes are checked by default. The statistics table will remain visible on top of the page at all times. Results will be updated simultaneously.


Create the playlist

Select the values that will be played during the game in the table. You must have at least one winning card to do a simulation. Stop when the statistical table shows the desired number of winners. To access the playlist, click the blue vertical bar to the right “Playlist“. The playlist shows the order in which the values were chosen in the table. To select / deselect a value, click the box to the left of it. To make an automatic selection, choose the number of values to select and click the box “Do/Redo the draw“.

choose the values

The values chosen will be randomly placed in the playlist. Note that you are limited to un certain maximum number when selecting “Number of values ​​to select”. If you want to select other values, you have to manually click the other values in the table. The playlist contains three columns: the order of the values, the BINGO column in which values can be found on the cards and the values themselves. To change the order of a value, do “Click and hold” on the three horizontal bars icon “≡” to move it to the new location. To remove a value, click the minus icon “⊝”. When the simulation is completed, click “Make simulation“.

en_simulation gratuite

To view the simulation lists (List by column, Winners list, Playlist), go in the row of your game and click on the “Simulation” icon.

view simulation

Description of the simulation lists :

List by column

The list by column shows in which BINGO column the values can be found on the bingo cards. The organizer can show this list to players at the end of the game so they can validate the squares that were played, forgotten or wrong.

list by column

Winning list

The winning list indicates the winning cards number and the exact location of the winning lines. The organizer can use it to validate the cards easily and discard those that have not been played correctly. The following legend tells how the winning lines are represented in this list.


The playlist represents the order in which the values were selected during the simulation. It shows the order of values that will be played during the game, the BINGO column in which values can be found on the cards and the values themselves. You can, by following this list, start over the same game you did during the simulation.


You can make up to 5 different simulations per game. The following simulations cost 1 credit per 25 cards depending on how many cards are in the game. To make more than one simulation for a game, click the plus icon “⊕” to the right of the “Simulation” icon.

new simulation

To view the other simulation versions of a game, click the file icon. The latest simulation will be shown at the top of the column or if you click on the “Simulation” icon.

simulation versions

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