The story behind this web application

The story of Bingo Maker

Sometimes we may wonder what drives a person to devote much time and energy into developing a web application. When I use a website, I tend to want to understand the history behind the “www”. As the creator of this site, I want to explain what motivated me in this process. I hope to inspire other entrepreneurs to provide services, create web applications to benefit the entire Internet.

bingo maker story

About 5 years ago, I was watching a documentary on television about bingo. It explained how the game was losing popularity, especially among young people, and how bingo centers had to close for lack of players. After much thought about this documentary, I decided to do something to change the situation by giving myself the mission of revolutionizing bingo and making the game as simple to organize as tic-tac-toe.

After several searches on the Internet, I quickly realized that no practical web service enabled me to easily create custom bingo cards. Some websites offer to pay and download questionable programs that must be installed on the hard drive. Other websites offer an online service, but they do not have a lot of customization options. As there appeared to be no service that could meet my needs, I decided to invent one.

story bingo maker

After a lot of hard work, I finally made a program that allowed me to create my own bingo cards. I was now ready to start finding an original way to reinvent the game in today’s time. I started to organize bingo activities in schools to test ideas and concepts with youth. Through trial and error, I finally developed what I called Video Bingo. In short, the bingo cards contain song titles in the squares, and the corresponding videos are shown on a screen. To my surprise, the game was very much appreciated by all and the contracts multiplied. I was very happy to have created a job for myself, but the popularity of the game exceeded my ability to meet the demand. I had to cancel contracts due to lack of availability. As a game of Video Bingo is quite simple to organize, people came to me and asked me for my program to make their own cards. Unfortunately, it was too complicated to use for most people.

story bingo maker

In order to make my game easily reproducible and to make the process as user friendly as possible, I have improved and converted my program to a web application. As a result, anyone can freely and easily create their custom cards and become a bingo organizer. It is up to everyone to imagine a game concept and find its own winning formula. If others want to embark on the adventure like me and become bingo event organizers, I hope that my application will help them in their business.

About the Author

story bingo maker

From a very young age, Kevin became interested in science, new technologies and the possibilities that Internet offers. He has worked for 10 years in electronics, security and information management. He is also a medical imaging technologist for the CIUSSS SLSJ. As an entrepreneur, he took a Business Start Up course and became involved in the College Entrepreneurship Club and the ACEE. Passionate by music and public events since his teenage years, in 2013 he created the company Video Bingo, and the website Bingo Card Generator. In 2016, he launched the web application Bingo Maker.